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We develop, test, and create fine software products, and design creative solutions to your problems.
The development of software is an intrinsically creative process. We are dedicated to improving our mastery of the art.
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If your shop has trouble shipping quality software on time -- and let's face it, most do -- then this book is for you. If you're a manager, I'd say that doubly so.
-Ernest Friedman-Hill "JavaRanch Sheriff"
..."Ship It!" is in the style of the other Pragmatic books and is an easy and focused read. I finished it in two days and have already gained a wealth of insight that I can apply immediately. Hig...
-Anil John
.. it is a really special feeling when you give someone a book and it changes the way they think and act. So I'm really pleased to have just finished reading a book that I know I'll be handing out ...
-Jeffery Fredrick

StarEast Testing Conference (2015-05-08)
The half day Acceptance Test-Driven Development tutorial
Better Software Conference and the Agile Development Conference (2015-06-08)
I'm giving my half day tutorial: Continuous Testing to Drive Continuous Integration and Deployment
Stacked (2015-06-12)
I'm revisiting my popular Public Speaking 101 talk. This one is always a lot of fun and will give the basics of effecitve public speaking.
Acceptance Test Driven Development at StarWest (2015-09-28)
We're revisiting ATDD again, with an emphasis on what you can change to help your team succeed
Southern Fried Agile (2015-10-15)
GROWS: An Introduction
The GROWS Method: A Modern Software Development Suite (2015-11-10)
Andy and I will provide a half day introduction to GROWS
SIM-RTP (2015-11-19)
I'm talking about GROWS to the RTP chapter of SIM
Continuous Feedback: The New Paradigm: Webinar (2015-12-10)
We'll discuss how continuous feedback changes your perspective on development and testing, and brings a new level of quality to your organization
First Steps: A Quick Start Guide (2016-02-02)
We're gathering at TriAgile to talk about the first steps you should take when starting a new team down the path towards agility
DevNexus GROWS Workshop (2016-02-15)
I'll be giving a full day GROWS workshop!
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