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-Steve Mitchell
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-Yev Bronshteyn

MSI Wind: A Tiny Laptop (Dec 8)
I just bought an MSI Wind laptop/netbook and so far I love it. It's tiny, weighing in 2.2 pounds. This includes the bigger, 6 cell battery that provides 6 hours of use. I haven't had a chance to push that envelope yet, but it's on my list of things to do. :)

Here's a picture of it sitting on my 15" MacBook Pro (link). It literally makes the sleek MBP look clunky. It feels that way too. 2.2 versus 5.5 pounds.

The most surprising thing about the Wind is that it's got a hyperthreaded CPU. (Traditionally ultra small notebooks had a single CPU and were slow). It's got the Intel Atom CPU, but with hyperthreading, so it's amazingly responsive. My model came with 1 gig of memory (I've already upgraded it to 2) and a 160 gig hard drive. The external monitor drives my 19" widescreen nicely. So far I can't tell that it's any slower than my MacBook Pro for almost everything.

The keyboard's alphanumberics are fine to use, but the "edge keys", like CTRL and ? are odd to use. I've added an external mouse and keyboard for desktop usage.

I'm also planning on loading Linux on it (big surprise!). The 8.0.41 Ubuntu live CD boots it just fine and the Open Office presentation tools does a very nice job with most of my existing Power Point decks.

My plan was to use it as my presentation laptop. We'll see if that becomes a reality. I really don't think I could write code on the built in screen, but I'll try to do some JUnit tinkering in advance of this week's test automation class. With the external keyboard, mouse, and monitor though, it's fine for everything I've thrown at it.

I've found the push back from my Mac friends to be very entertaining. The MSI runs Windows XP (even though there are hacked versions of OS X for the Wind). So far the reaction from my Mac friends has ranged from surprise to hostility. Remember guys... "think different" doesn't mean to think just like you. ;)

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