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Feed the Seed, with Some Help From Seinfeld! (Nov 5)
After my last blog posting I received email from an old friend who works at SAS and speaks on the NFJS tour. The email had a great tip that I wanted to pass on to you.

Here's a direct link to the Seinfeld Productivity Tip on LifeHacker.


That was a very well written and well timed post.

The first few paragraphs talks to all of us -- ok, most of us; and it is very true. I like the motivational ideas that you suggested. The challenge I face, however -- and I doubt that I am alone -- is to keep at it. A technique to help with that that you may have heard is the Seinfeld calendar. It is was created by Jerry Seinfeld as a productivity aid. The concept is very simple

You print out a calendar month starting with today.

Set a goal of something that you want to do -- LOTY, lifting weights, running, whatever.

Now, Do something on that topic. Today. Something. Anything. OK, now put a big red X on today's date.

Rinse and repeat. Tomorrow. And the day after.

Pretty soon you see a row of X's. And somehow you don't want to break the chain. And that keeps you going.

The concept is deceptively simple -- but effective.

Keep the posts coming ;-)


Enjoy! And 'feed the seed' every day.

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