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Don't Wait (Mar 16)
I have a friend who's out of work... actually, a few friends like this. He's never gotten involved with the local user groups, never gotten on the local mailing lists... really never gotten involved in the community.

I've encourage "him" to join the local Java group, Ruby group, and Agile group (as appropriate). I've suggested posting his background and talk about looking for work.

Nothing yet.

Some of you are very happily employed. Others are not... maybe you're just not doing what you want to do. Maybe you're miserable.

So, how long are you going to wait? When are you going to take the steps to get involved in the local community? Who do you think does the resume filtering? Quite often, it's the same people who attend the local user groups. Wouldn't you like for them to recognize your name? It won't guarantee you a job, but it does get you a second look.

So when will you get started? One night a month isn't a huge commitment. Don't wait until you're miserable, or unemployed. Start today. And it's not just a job hunt. You might be filtering resumes yourself in a few months. It might be nice to recognize a few names.

And, sometimes, you might learn a few tips and tricks at the user's group that make your day job a bit more fun.

Here's a link to get you started. is a great place to find user groups (and a lot more!)

Update: I got this great link on North Carolina User's Groups. Do you have one for your area?

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