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Quoting Watts Humphrey, "Developers are caught in a victim's mentality." We never think it's our fault, it's always somebody else's.
-Jared Richardson

Leaving Pillar and Returning to Logos (Aug 26)
If you've been keeping up with me on my Twitter account, then you know I've been commuting to Columbus, Ohio from North Carolina each week for the last four months. When I started working at Pillar, the intention was pretty clear to all parties. I was to work in North Carolina and help Pillar expand into another region. Unfortunately, the execution suffered a bit. For a variety of reasons, Pillar wanted me to work in Ohio for this first engagement... not ideal, but I was willing to do it. We agreed that I'd be there for one or two months... that was stretched to six. However, when they started asking if I'd continue to working in Ohio after this engagement, it became clear that working in North Carolina while associated with Pillar wasn't going to happen, so I started talking to several North Carolina companies.

At nearly the same time my former employer, Logos Technology, contacted me to see if I'd be interested in returning. The timing was perfect, and the work will be very similar to what I've been doing recently, and they're very close to my home. It looked like a great match, so I turned in my notice this week, and after one more long commute, I'll be starting at Logos right after Labor Day.

I'm looking forward to attending Agile RTP meetings again. At the last meeting I attended, I was asked what my affiliation was with the group! Since I started the group a few years ago, I think it's a good sign that I've been away too long.

I'll still be speaking at a number of conferences, writing for DZone's Agile Zone, and there are a few books in the pipeline as well. Hopefully, now that I've eliminated my weekly commute, I'll have all sorts of free time.

We'll see how it all works out, but I'm really looking forward to being at home again and catching up with my RTP friends.

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