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It's rare to have this much fun reading a book about software. The ideas are smart, relevant, and fundamental. I can be a better programmer today because of the things I read today.
-Joe Fair
Jared Richardson’s talk titled “Build Teams, not Products,” in particular, was one of the best presentations I’ve ever witnessed. It was just one of those talks where all the points seem tautologic...
-Yev Bronshteyn
I was amazed that these five chapters only take about 160 pages and yet tell you all you need to know about successful projects. I’ve experienced a lot of these problems myself, and so did/do you, ...

North Carolina's Anti-Municipality Broadband Law: Get Involved! (Apr 14)
The great state of North Carolina is considering a bill that appears to be driven by Time-Warner and prohibit "predatory" local municipalities (you know, small towns) from rolling out their own ISP systems.

I'm no lawmaker, but I was born and bred in this great state, and have wished for a "predatory" town to roll out local internet service at a faster speed or better price and forcing my ISP to scramble to keep up. (My cell phone has faster upload speeds than my home internet service.) I've dreamed of having a "predatory" local town blanketing their downtown area with free wireless internet access in a bid to attract the technically savvy into the area.

Instead I'm living in a state where a state lawmaker that, from my point of view, would appear to be in the pocket of lobbyist, has sponsored a bill that would prohibit such a utopia. I suppose rolling out broadband to help local citizenry to compete in the new world of high tech jobs is too much too ask.

Rather than ranting on, let me provide a few links for you to follow on your own.

North Carolina cities mobilize against anti-muni broadband bill This link has the links you need to get in touch with the lawmakers running the committee currently considering the bill.

Cable-backed anti-muni broadband bill advances in North Carolina This is the article that first grabbed my attention.

Your NC Senator by county This bill has passed in the house. Let your Senator know that you care about this bill and that you'll be voting against and campaigning against anyone who votes for it.

Senate Bill 87 This is a direct link to the bill in question.

Please share this. If you have a blog, feel free to plagiarize this in it's entirety. I have no financial stake in this matter, but as a lifelong North Carolina citizen, I want the best possible infrastructure we can have at our disposal.

Internet access is crucial to the current, and next, generation of jobs and eduction. Let's share this message!

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