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We develop, test, and create fine software products, and design creative solutions to your problems.
The development of software is an intrinsically creative process. We are dedicated to improving our mastery of the art.
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That's got to be one of the *best* choice of title since the Mythical Man Month!!
-Kenneth Sizer
...It would be really nice if, as an industry, we could stop being such a bunch of screwed-up clowns and start living up to our potential. Ship It! is one of the things that could help, if only tho...
-Mike Gunderloy
Even though our group was already following many of the practices outlined in Ship It!, I believe the book paid for itself within the first day of purchase. When one considers the burn rate of a ty...
-Steve Mitchell

We're Shut Down (Jan 18)
To help drive public awareness of SOPA, a very bad piece of legislation, this site is shut down today. Visiting the main page will direct you to after 5 seconds.

You can also read about this at Pragmatic, my publisher's url. They, just like Google, Wikipedia, and countless other sites, are trying to be sure everyone understands the legislation we're in danger of seeing passed.

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